Portable Data Acquisition PDL3200

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Description: Versatile palm sized data logger uses input configuration cards to read a variety of signals. Quick setup and easy to use. Advanced software supports stand alone and PC tethered recording.

Summary: PDL3200 Portable Data Acquisition Handheld DAQ - The handheld PDL3200 DAQ reads a wide variety of sensors. Input configuration cards allow the portable data acquisition unit to acquire thermocouple, voltage, current transducers and digital signals. Applications include temperature, pressure, accelerometer, humidity and strain gauge.

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Information: The PDL3200 is a versatile Portable Data Acquisition System with 16 input channels. Thehandheld unit automatically conditions and measures a wide variety of signals by simply changing the Input Configuration Card. Easy to use WindowsTM compatible software provides versatile control without writing code.

URL: http://www.portabledaq.com