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Catchment-scale fluorescence water quality determination

Changes in waste stabilisation pond performance resulting from the retrofit of activated sludge treatment upstream: part I--water quality issues

Climate change and effects on water quality: a first impression

Development of communication networks and water quality early warning detection systems at drinking water utilities in the Ohio River Valley Basin

Development of on-site fish exposure system placed in water quality monitoring stations along a river

Development of water quality models for supporting NH3-N control in a dam regulated river

Effluent standards for developing countries: combining the technology- and water quality-based approach

Flood impact on water quality of small urban streams

Impact of morphological parameters on water quality variables of a regulated lowland river

Including non-point sfources in a water quality trading permit program

Legal aspects of sea water quality: Turkish and EU directives

Mass balance analysis and water quality model development for loading estimates from paddy fields

Perception of tap water risks and quality: a structural equation model approach

Propagation of uncertainty in diffuse pollution into water quality predictions: application to the River Dender in Flanders, Belgium

Regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) to save water and improve Sauvignon Blanc quality?

Synthetic- and bio-polymer use for runoff water quality management in irrigated agriculture

Test of the efficiency of three storm water quality models with a rich set of data

Wet-weather urban discharges: implications from adopting the revised European Directive concerning the quality of bathing water