Overview of Quality Monitors

Water may seem a fairly straightforward and simple subtance, in truth this is far from the case. Water possesses a diverse range of properties, all of which can br crucial to its suitability for a given purpose.

Acidity (pH)

pH is essentially a measure of a solution's acidity. A low pH indicates a high level of acidity, whereas high levels of alkalinity are indicated by a high pH. Either extreme can have adverse effects.

Dissolved Oxygen

The levels of dissolved oxygen in a body of water are directly relevant to its suitability for sustaining life. However, excessively high or low levels will have detrimental effects.


In simple terms, turbidity is a measure of the amount of suspended solids in a solution. Such solids may be visible in the form of cloudiness, but in any case may represent impurities, making turbidity an important quality to test for.